Welcome back!!

Sawasdee ka everyone or Hello in Thai. It’s been ages since we last updated our site. Anyway, we are back!! and this time, we come back with something new.

Let me introduce you our prototype coach for our new project. Please don’t get confuse from this all-white coach. The next ones will be painted in our signature colour.

Our new coaches will be SWE-TRANS but better. Why?? Because we care about safety the most, our new coaches will be equipped with CCTV on board. Moreover, we know that, today, all of us need to be connected 24/7. Especially when we are on holidays, we need to update everything with our family, friends and colleagues (sometimes even if you don’t want to). Yes! we are talking about Wi-Fi on board to help you stay connected.

Not only the new coaches, our recent coaches will also be equipped both CCTV and Wi-Fi on board soon for the coming season.

With Wi-Fi on board, we hope this helps your holiday more connected. However, please don’t forget to enjoy scenery along our beautiful country. Isn’t it the thing that you fly over the world to explore?


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